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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Words on a Wednesday: Pics of Easter (with captions)

I wanted to post pics of our Easter weekend with captions of who each person is. So this Wordless Wednesday will just have to have words. I wanted to post these Monday, but life got in the way. Who would have thought that!? And on a break, no less. Anyway, I am posting most, if not all of them because I love them all and I want to share our great day.

First we woke up on Saturday and the Easter Bunny had come! Yep, we did it on Saturday to avoid dragging everything up to Drew's parents and then back home again on Monday. Plus, we knew that other family members had gotten those spoiled rotten children goodies, so they still made out like bandits on Easter Sunday.

Checking out the bunny loot. Of course it is a cookie!

 Then we drove to GiGi and Wade-O's house for the Easter festivities to begin.

Marloe needed Easter Sunday shoes and eggs to dye STAT, so I went to the store and scored both. Here is her having more fun playing in the dye than prettying up the eggs.

Look at the focus on her face

The Wee Pie was asleep during all of this. Egg dying occurred after his bed time.

Waiting patiently

Needless to say, she went to church the next day with one green hand and one purple hand.
The next morning, we were off to church. This is the best picture I got of them in their outfits, with the grandparents and Drew taking the picture. I think we did okay considering I got none of them last Easter.
Marloe continued her paparazzi face hide at church.
Because you know she is just that important.

Grayson did much better. He even kept his hat on for a while.
Grayson with his GiGi and Nanny.

Grayson with his Aunt Nikki and Uncle Chris. That is such a Marloe face he is making.
After church we headed home to get in our party duds for the Sewell family Easter celebration hosted by GiGi and Wade-O. The place was decorated with Easter fare including Marloe's sparkly eggs.
While Grayson napped...

Marloe and Uncle Chris had a blast with the bubbles he and Aunt Nikki brought her.
She held tight to her Easter basket the whole time in case an egg appeared.

Bubble chaser.

I could definitely use this picture to teach opposites. Tall and Short!

Grayson woke up and was finally able to join in the fun.
Grayson, Gramma, Aunt Lisa

Grayson and Yung (cousin)

Nikki, Grayson, GiGi

Cousin Love

Playful Faces
That's Katie in the last two pics. Marloe loves that chic!

Uncle Harry and Aubrey joined in, too.

Girl Talk

 We love you, too, Katie Bug!!!!
Here is the last of them. Just some miscellaneous pics from the weekend. Mostly Marloe hunting eggs.

Aunt Shelia and Aubrey

Nanny and Drew

Marloe from Easter morning.
Okay, that's all of the rambling and words on a Wednesday I have. Sorry it's so many pictures, but I just liked all of them. I didn't want to post and rant on Facebook, blowing up every one's news feed. So, this way those that want to look can and those that don't, won't.

That is all. Happy Spring Break Again!!!!!

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