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Sunday, April 21, 2013

What a week! Surgery update and signs that Wee's terrible twos are on the way.

This past week Grayson went to his first speech therapy appointment through a private office. I am very optimistic about this therapist. The drive isn't far either and they are flexible with scheduling later in the afternoon so I won't miss work. He has his second appointment tomorrow so I will post on that really soon. We are hoping that the upcoming surgery (tubes), along with the speech therapy, will improve his receptive and expressive speech abilities.

Along with tubes in his ears, Grayson is also getting a stint in his tear ducts and his adenoids removed. This surgery is scheduled for this Thursday. Last Thursday, Drew and Grayson went to a pre-op appointment with the opthamologist, Dr. Davarro. Drew texted me at 4:15 to let me know they were still waiting. The appointment was at 3:30. I told him to go complain. Seriously, an 18 month old, at the doctor, late in the afternoon, having to wait 45 minutes to an hour to be seen...uh not working.

Basically, I think Grayson destroyed the waiting room. Drew claimed he crawled everywhere, pulling things down, ripping up pamphlets, and bothering other patients attempting to do homework. He even attempted to crawl back into the actual office by pushing open the door and crawling on back to be seen. Drew finally told the receptionist that if they weren't seen soon, Wee would actually tear up the waiting room and he wasn't going to stop him.

Grayson in a better state than he was at the doctor.
 Grayson is all boy and beginning to show more and more that he is about to be a full fledged toddler. He shows this by getting into anything and everything. Once he is into it, he makes a mess of the room or himself. He also enjoys long tantrums on the floor when told no and testing his parents once told he can't do something. This includes playing in the toilet (yep, he's had his hand peed on), pulling hair (mine and Marloe's), biting (anyone who gets in the way), and banging hard things on our glass coffee table (yeah, I know, it's time to put it away). I also failed to include that he does somersaults out of the bathtub and it doesn't even phase him.

 Seriously, this kid is going to be hell on legs when he can finally walk.
Here is Grayson and the coffee table. The balloon didn't even last 20 minutes because Grayson managed to pop it shortly after.

On one more note. I ordered and have been reading a book, My Friend Isabelle. The book is a children's book, about a little boy named Charlie and his friend Isabelle, who is a girl with Down syndrome. Tonight I read it to Marloe and tried to introduce the concept of Down syndrome to her and the fact that Grayson is a child with Down syndrome.

I think it is way too early. Little Sweetie now thinks that Down syndrome is a store like the Dollar General. "Okay mommy we go to Down syndrome store with Grayson like we buy the juice from the Dollar General." I think I'll wait on that explanation and for now we will just read the book for pleasure instead of teaching a lesson.

Have a good week to everyone. More surgery updates and hopefully some really exciting news about the move coming up this week!

My mom is super excited about us moving.

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  1. "Drew finally told the receptionist that if they weren't seen soon, Wee would actually tear up the waiting room and he wasn't going to stop him." I can totally relate to this, and so burst out laughing :). We were in the DMV for 3 hours on Tuesday and Zia started to loose it and I had already asked twice if we would be up soon.

    I love your blog. Great job!

    -Margaret M.