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Monday, June 17, 2013

THE MOVE!!... and Beach Trip

Woah! That's all I can say about our move. Let me say it again...Woah! We got back from the beach last Friday. Instead of going back to our old house, we went ahead up to my mom's place (which is now ours also, so I need to get out of the habit of calling it my mom's).

The upstairs part of the house was cleared out of my mom's stuff on Monday. Also on Monday, Drew, his dad, and his uncle went back to our old house. They loaded it up just in time before a pretty bad storm hit. Then they came back up on Tuesday. Meanwhile I am working to keep the rugrats out of the way. We had been talking to Marloe about moving and the changes that would come. She pretty much understood and didn't react bad to the change. Wee Pie, on the other hand, was quite bad off the second day we arrived to my mom's our new house.
Whiny...check; Messy...check; Trouble...check; Biting...check; Hitting...check; Into every possible thing he shouldn't be into...check; Tearing up everything he got into...check; Lamp pulled on head with goose egg knot...check; Naptime didn't help...check; Daddy stepped in poop...check. I think that pretty much sums it up about that.

After two days of trying to put the house in order while keeping kids entertained, we bit the bullet and put the kids into their new daycare early. We were going to wait till July so they could get settled before they had another change thrown at them. Sometimes accepting that you can't be a super, unpacking, organizing, do-it-all-while-the-kids-are-chomping-at-your-heels (litterally with Grayson Goo) mom is just as super. Drew and I were able to get a lot accomplished on Thursday. The kids loved daycare so my worries were just worries. The daycare center put Grayson in with his age peers instead of the infant class he was in at his last daycare. I am really happy he will have peer models. The only hiccup was Marloe not eating her lunch, but in return she scarfed down her dinner.

Friday we closed on our house after thinking it would be at 10:00, then thinking it wouldn't happen at all that day, and finally having a two hour closing at 1:00. This was complete with Drew's name being wrong on a couple documents that had to be changed. Are you sure you don't want to be a Gordon? Now we are first time home sellers! I am so happy for the family that moved in because they were so excited to be first time home buyers. Plus they had two little ones close in age to our kids. It was perfect!

Now we are just settling in, unpacking box after box, making tons of phone calls to new providers/doctors/therapists/etc., finding things in town to keep the kids busy with, and just being happy the hardest part of our year is probably over for now. Hmmmm...should I have just not jinxed myself? Oh well, have a good week everyone! Now for some pics of our beach trip.

Grayson wasn't too kean on the beach arcade at first.


Family Kingdom Rides Courtesy of Uncle Clyde and Aunt Susan

Hey Mommy!

Riding in a big truck like Daddy. Meep! Meep!

Eating Sand

I love it when he points one and flexes the other...means he's pretty darn excited. Notice the toungue...extra excitement.

Shell hunting.

Quick smile for the camera.

Just washing my face with sand mom. No need to worry.

I love that they can play together so well now. Of course there are times when they can't stand eachother.

He watches everything she does so intently.

Party at the Beach House!

Those are balloon gazes he is giving the camera.

She kept saying, "I don't want to grow to be bigger and three. I want to grow smaller and stay two." Sorry chick :)

We had a big time. That is my Uncle Clyde and Aunt Susan and my mom in the background. We always go to the beach together each year. I hope they are pleased that they made the blog.

Loved the Bubbleguppies cupcakes.

Showing off her gifts.