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Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Spring Break: Quick Post With More to Come

We have just got home from the conclusion of a wonderful Easter weekend with family. The kids ate great, played great, slept great, with some minor car ride hiccups on the way home due to Wee Pie's busted lip. His face and the back of a chair met. It wasn't a pretty sight. We thought for a minute we would be at the emergency room today, but it was bloodier and nastier than it was deep.

The car ride was also lengthened due to our overwhelming urge to visit the fictional town of "Woodbury" from our favorite show, The Walking Dead. (Yeah, we are dorks like that.) We weren't able to get out and sight see due to an unhappy babe in the back, but now we know where it is filmed. I am excited to go back and actually look around next time we visit family.

So more on Easter with pics and posts to come. Let's officially ring in the Spring Break and let the fun and laziness around the house begin. First stop, laundry all day tomorrow to catch up along with dinner at Loves Seafood later tomorrow night with Aunt BT and Uncle Mike. Did I mention we got home tonight and I realized we have only a smidgen of milk and no laundry detergent? Oh Well! Who Cares?! Its Spring Break!

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