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Thursday, March 21, 2013

World Down Syndrome Day and Lots of Socks

Happy World Down Syndrome Day! Celebrated on 3/21 to signify the trisomy on the 21st chromosome. I spread the word by mouth and facebook to wear funky socks for the lots of socks campaign.

My Socks

I got to school and was greeted with some sock wearing companions waiting on the kids to get off the buses. Socks on their pants, toe socks, and pants rolled up with funky socks showing. I was ready to spread the word and explain my socks, but only one person asked me why I was wearing my socks. Not even my students noticed. So I was a little disheartened reflecting on it as I rode home. But then I logged onto facebook and found this...

"Rocking my socks today ;)" (from my friend Sarah)

And this from Grayson's Aunt BT...

"It's Down Syndrome Awareness Day. I'm a proud aunt of a beautiful (almost 2 year old) boy with Down Syndrome! He was a blessing to our family and I've loved watching him face different challenges in life! He has two amazing parents and an amazing big sister! I'm blessed to have such an amazing nephew!"

And this...

"Happy to celebrate recognition of world down syndrome day" (from my friend, Jodi)

And this from Wee Pie's other aunt, Aunt Nikki...
"It's Down Syndrome Awareness Day! Over 400,000 people have DS including one of my favorite nuggets, my nephew Grayson. I am so proud of him and can't wait for his sloppy kisses at Easter."

All the pics and posts were full of comments and questions about the lots of socks campaign, Down syndrome, and of course wonderful compliments for Grayson's pure sweetness.  Thanks so much from all the supporters of the campaign and the day to raise awareness for Down syndrome. It made my day to see others sharing information and support for our DS community. Lots of love!

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