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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Upcoming Surgery Update

The Daddy and I have been waiting to hear from Grayson's ENT. Back in January, we decided that Wee Pie would benefit from tubes in his ears and a possible adenoid removal. The doctor was unsure that the adenoids would need to be taken out, but was going to take a look when he did the tubes. He told us if they needed to come out then he would. I never knew that adenoids are just fatty tissue at the back of the throat that is actually shaved off during the removal surgery. Who knew?

Grayson Goo also needs stints put in his tear ducts to help them drain properly. He often gets pretty puffy eyes because the ducts don't do their job. So the eye doc and the ENT doc decided to tag team the Wee Pie. We thought that we could get this all done during spring break so we wouldn't miss any work, but...

The doctors want their spring break with their kids, too. So we are having to schedule it for later in April on Thursday the 25th in order to kill three birds with one stone. We are okay with this. I am trying not to sweat the petty stuff or pet the sweaty stuff.
Looks like he is walking, but not yet. We gotta do this on his terms, I guess.
Wee Pie could care less, too. So Grayson will have his surgery early on April 25th. Dr. Devaro, the opthamologist will perform first. Then Dr. Rawlings, Grayson's ENT will come in and finish up. We are opting to stay overnight in the hospital even though these are both considered Day surgeries.

I wanted to give Grayson a little extra care since he will be having two, possible three procedures done at one time. It will probably be three. That child stays snotty and sick. We are hoping this will help graduate Grayson from Snot and Slobber King to just plain Slobber King. I am glad we are doing it this way. I didn't want to have him put under twice this year. Once is enough for me. I feel like this is little nuggets compared to the chickens we friend with his open heart surgery almost a year and a half earlier. I plan making a page on this experience.

I will keep you updated on the surgeries as we hear more news and actually have them later in April. 

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