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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Traumas of a Flexible Child (Or how we compromise in the land of Wee Pie)

Poor Grayson has to eat his snacks off the floor if this Mommy wants to get anything done. Our floor is fairly clean, but I would rather feed him in his highchair. This just isn't an option after what happened to Drew a couple weekends ago while he was trying to feed Grayson in one of his crying fits he has when he is hungry and tired.

I have decided to re-enact the story of what happened:

 Drew, Grayson, and the Highchair
starring Dora (from the circus)

Once upon a time in the land where Drew and Elizabeth have crazy busy schedules between working full time, carting Marloe to dance, Grayson to therapy, and just trying to live life there was a night where the kids fell asleep in the car on the way home. Daddy Drew argued that the kids could just be put down in their beds and given baths in the morning. He reasoned that both would be very cranky and whiny from being woken up and plopped in the bath.

Mommy Elizabeth argued that Little Sweetie and Wee Pie (especially The Wee) were dirty from the day and had daycare and preschool germies all over them. Because of Grayson Goo's surgery and heart defect, he has a much lower immune system so she wanted to wash those germies away regardless of the temper tantrums that this would cause.

Weeeeellllllll....Grayson had a major tantrum. MAJOR TANTRUM, but he was bathed and dressed. Then Daddy Drew tried to put him down to sleep. Wee Pie wasn't having this. Mommy Elizabeth said he was probably hungry so Daddy Drew got him out of bed, put him in his highchair, and tried to feed him oatmeal. He wasn't having this so Daddy Drew sat beside him while he wailed in the highchair.

Then he looked over and saw this...

(re-enactment only. No inflatable Dora's were harmed in this picture.)
Grayson was hanging over the side of the highchair about to fall to his death! Okay this might be an exaggeration, but he would have been badly hurt. With quick, animal-like reflexes Drew grabbed Grayson Goo by the ankle in a flash. His heart was pounding. His mind flashed with images of what could have occurred if he had been across the room or not noticed Wee Pie's plight.
See, Grayson has extreme hypotonia all over his body. So he is SUPER DUPER flexible. That little Wee Pie, in his tantrumming state, had squeezed himself from his highchair and was attempting to escape. He did not know that this escape could have resulted in injury.
When Mommy Elizabeth came in the room and saw her husband clutching their son to his chest with wild eyes, she asked what was wrong. Daddy Drew rehashed what had happened and how badly it had scared him. To the point where tears were in his eyes. (I hope you don't mind me including that detail, Drew.)
Mommy Elizabeth sat Grayson Goo on the table and Grayson then proceeded to also tell the story with much gusto...waving his hands around and jibber jabbering. Daddy Drew said it seemed like Wee Pie knew what had happened and knew the seriousness of the matter. Mommy Elizabeth said that, regardless, there would be no more leaving the highchair to throw away trash or put a cup in the sink. Grayson also needed to be strapped in and attended to at all times. No zoning out for either parent...DARN.
You see, wee aren't bad parents. We all leave our kiddy poos unattended sometimes while we quickly get something, run to the mail box, go to the bathroom, or check our email. What we've now realized with Wee Pie is that we just can't do that. He is a pure mess and gets into everything. He is crafty, limber, and mischievous. Don't let the smile fool you.
And I am training his sister to clean up after him. First with the baby wipe...

Then we pull out the sweeper and dust pan. Looks like she is teaching Grayson. He is paying attention pretty closely.

Hair Pull! Have to get one of those in at least once a day.

Or his bottom can sweep it up, too.

Have a great weekend!

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