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Friday, February 22, 2013

He Said, "All Done." Cross My Heart

Drew thinks I am crazy.

He thought I was crazy when I heard Grayson Goo say "more" in his own little way. It sounds a little on the "MAAAAAA!" side. Kinda like a hoarse man from the Bronx screaming at his mother. In my defense, though, he said it in his highchair when you walk away from him we used to walk away from him during a meal.

He can sign "more" as well. That took me about a month to finally hammer into his head. He signed it for the first time around a year. Now he signs it any time he is hungry. Here is how you sign more in the image below.

Image from

I tried to get a pic of the Wee Pie signing it and all I got was this. This is him attempting the sign for cookie.

Image from

he also signs this when he is hungry. Apparently all Grayson wants is more cookies. All-The-Time. "More Cookie." "More Cookie." 

Image from

Hmmmm reminds me of someone.....

Do you see a resemblance?

Anyway, Wee Pie can sign "more" and "cookie" with much gusto. These are consistent and we can tell that he is really trying to communicate these concepts to us. Even if it is all about the food.

Drew thinks I am crazy, but I have also seen him sign:

Image from


Image from
 And every child's favorite...."No"

Image from

Both of us have heard him say "Mama" and "Dada". When he is angry, upset, or just doesn't want to do it, we have heard him say, "Na, na, na, na!" Drew and I are pretty sure this means "no" given the circumstances and the behavior. He bows his back, kicks his legs, and tenses up his body so you can't get him to budge. That Wee Pie is strong when he wants to be. We are 99.9% positive that he says these words and means them.

But today, oh today, that sweet little Wee Pie with his little curly hairs wisping everywhere...

he said...SAID not signed..."All done." I was feeding him cereal in milk and he leaned his sweet head over his arm, sighed and said, "All duuuuuh." That's what it sounded like, with the ending sound missing. I got excited and asked him, "All done, Grayson?" Then he signed it, "all done", with his arms waving in the air so happy. "Yes, all done, my sweet boy." I planted a big kiss and squeezed him tight. He was so proud. He knew he had really done something to impress his mama. I love my little man's breakthroughs and milestones.

I tell people that when you have your first child every little thing they do is so exciting, but with Grayson the excitment is ten fold. When your first baby smiles, sits, crawls, pull ups, says their first word mamas get out the baby book and write it down or document it on film. I did it with Little Sweetie. Every first was so wonderous to see your child experience for the first time. It is such a gift to be there with them when they get it for the first time, perfect the skill, and make it an everyday occurence. 

With Grayson, its different.  I have long ago gave up on Grayson's baby book. It did nothing but frustrate and discourage me because Wee Pie wasn't meeting those milestones.  He was barely 10Lbs. by four months, let alone sitting up. He could barely roll over. When his daycare buddies started pulling up and walking I smiled bittersweetly when I dropped him off and picked him up. 

But on days like today when Grayson Goo makes a breakthrough and does something new, my heart soars. It's such a different feeling than your first child. I find it hard to describe. I guess the feeling is like having your first all over again, but now you know there is so much more behind the accomplishment. My son is delayed...physically, cognitively, developmentally, overall...but he is capable. He is able to communicate with me. He may take longer to master a skill, but he is going to do it and be okay. Only the good Lord knows when that child is going to crawl, not to mention walk.

I just can't dwell on those things. I can only be thankful for today, for my crazy moments when Drew comes home and I tell him what Grayson did. Drew just rolls his eyes because Grayson won't perform for him. But that sweet Wee Pie did it for me and I cherish all of those sweet moments in my heart. I think that is better than any old baby book anyway. 
Yep, got it documented...biting his sister.

 Have a great weekend everyone!

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