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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Summer Fun

There will be some captions involved...lots of pictures just not a long post.

Splash Park Fun 

Marloe was timid at first.

Grayson tested the water and...

discovered it was a perfect bum cooling temperature.

Marloe saw this and decided to test the water also and...
decided to also cool off her backside first.
Marloe stood back to observe the kids playing.
There's Wee Pie and Little Sweetie having fun in the sun.
We love our new home!

This is the life.

Going to find more trouble. Notice the bear crawl. He is fast on those hands and feet.

Marloe ran this way and...

that way...

back and...


This day led to two tired kids that were in bed by six...pure heaven to this mom!

On a totally different day we went to Carl Sandburg's home. Here is my handsome husband sitting in the poet's thinking chair at the base of Glassy Mountain.

Hope your summer is full of fun. Make it count folks!

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