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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bathtime Party

We Really Can't Help Ourselves...

This might be terrible to be my first blog post. It shows our humor with our kids...

(or does it show how we gang up on them and teach bad bath time ettiquette?)

Fingers to mouth...classic Little Sweetie face.

Because at the end of the day you just have to have a good ol' bath time party.

  And laugh when one kid, and a noticeably smaller Wee Pie at that, intimidates the other one.  

Marloe is always on guard around her little brother.

How can someone so small and happy be so intimidating?

 So please don't judge us because we are laughing at the plight of our whiny two year old. Her brother just wants to play with her really. And we just want to have a least two of us do. Her father didn't realize I was taking a video account of the whole thing so I caught him off guard. Love ya Drew!

Please excuse the flip of the camera. I want to get a new one so I can take better videos and pictures...hint hint for a Mother's Day gift, family!

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  1. be a good girl stand up and face the camera and pull your little pussy lips open for me